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Outside Chobi Mela VI: at General Hospital

As Chobi Mela VI continues in Dhaka, we here present a visual series of images of the mass urbanization occurring in Dhaka and its consequences.

The daughter and daughter-in-law of a woman pour bottled water for her to drink, as she lies ill in the corridor of the general hospital of Dhaka, with meningitis. She lies on the floor because the hospital, built by the British during colonial rule, now lies poorly kept to deal with the current overpopulation in the city. Hundreds of people lie in corridors, on balconies, under stairs and in exits awaiting treatment or being treated for days in these conditions.

  1. jeevani fernando
    January 24, 2011 at 13:00

    Great work Carlos, you will see this same situation in Sri Lanka too. But each year the budget for the health sector goes up, the cabinet portfolio grows but all we see is more people under beds and spilling over. And patients treated according to the donations made. I know, it is happening to my own family.

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