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Dhaka Mega City Post #10: No Need to go to Hell Just Come to Hazaribag.

Over the years the government agencies in Dhaka have shown little responsibility in controlling and even measuring industrial pollution in the city that is dumped indiscriminately into the Buriganga river. The Department of Environment has little knowledge of how many industries treat their residues. According to the World Bank and the Institute of Water Modelling, over 300 various effluent discharge outlets from nine major industrial clusters fall into the Buriganga. Nineteen of these outlets carry the major discharge of domestic and industrial waste. Of the discharged untreated liquid waste, 61 percent are industrial and 39 percent domestic waste.

The primary estimates showed that nearly 330,000 kilograms of BOD is discharged from various polluting sources every day in Dhaka’s watershed. Over the last 10 years major industrialisation in Dhaka, especially in dyeing, washing and textiles sectors has abused the river’s watershed. It is estimated that there are over 7,000 industries in Dhaka metropolis located in three clusters: Hazaribagh, Tejgaon and DND area. According to statistics from Department of the Environment, the number of polluting dyeing mills is 365, tanneries 198, pharmaceutical units 149, engineering workshops 129, chemicals and pesticide factories 118, jute mills 92, rubber and plastic units 63, food and sugar 38, paper and pulp 10, cement and fertilisers five each and distilleries four.

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