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Dhaka Mega City Post #8: Urban Rent For Richer or Poorer

Jahangir Alam is building an apartment building three storeys high, directly opposite the one pictured, in the Rayarbazer area, for the lower middle class, but will sit right next to a slum, that eventually will be removed as the pond it is on is being filled for more buildings. Jahangir will build 12 rooms per floor. Each room measuring 9×10 feet with an average of three people per room. Some apartments will consist of three rooms for 10 people. A single room will cost 2,500 Tk. A three room 10,000 Tk and the entire floor if anyone could afford it for 30,000 Tk.

I’m renting a house in Dhanmondi, one of Dhaka’s wealthiest areas, with 1536 sq. ft. three bedrooms and two bathrooms and living room and dining room, paying 28,000 Tk. an average of 18.23 TK (USD $0.26) per sq. ft. If you do the math, those in Rayabazer with few amenities and a central bathroom per floor will be paying 27.77 Tk per sq. ft.

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