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Dhaka Mega City Post #5: Shuvo

Kuril Slum

The Kuril slum, one of Dhaka’s largest sits inside the wealthiest part of the city, know as Gulshan, Where property can reach 50,000 Taka ($724) per square foot, more expensive than London and New York City,

Shuvo who doesn’t know how old he is, lives in Kuril and works in Gulshan sometimes selling flowers, but does not go to school.

In 2003 Unicef reported that 54.5 percent of boys and 60.9 percent of girls, aged between 6 and 10, go to school from the slums in Dhaka City. Of those, only 2.8 percent go to school when they are of school age. The report also reveals an alarming figure that 62.9 percent slum children work more than eight hours a day where 31.5 percent of boys and 33.2 percent of girls never go to school. In the countrywide, the report shows that 44.8 percent boys and 12.6 percent girls never go to school.

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